Make sure that the machine speed and the type of material are within the specifications on the tool itself. Make sure that the disk is undamaged before fitting. If there is any reason to believe that the disk is damaged or has suffered an impact DO NOT USE IT; contact the manufacturer.

Do not use cutting disks for planing, grinding, bevelling or any machining operation other than cutting.

Fit the disk with the arrow pointing in the direction of rotation of the machine.

Make sure that the machine's shaft is undamaged and unworn and that the tool mounts without play.

Make sure that the disk mounting flanges are of the same diameter, completely flat, clean and tightened down as specified by the manufacturer of the machine.

If the disk is used for cutting hard, non-abrasive material for an extended period of time, it may lose its cutting edge. To redress it, run a few cutting cycles on a soft abrasive material or on the block supplied on request.

Use the safety equipment indicated in the instructions supplied with the tool.

Medium/large sized disks must be laid flat or hung vertically by the HOLE when not being used for extended periods of time.