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Company Brief Introduction

JIANGSU ALSTON TOOLS CO.,LTD is established in March 1996,which is a gardenesue company,lies at Dan yang economic development zone.We are neighbored closely with Yangtze River,and easten to HuNing expressway,only 2Kms away.We enjoy convenient geography advantages.

We are specializing in manufacturing of:
1)Diamond saw blade(including cold press sintering; brazing; laser welding)
2)Diamond grinding wheel
3)Diamond core drill
4)Diamond tuck point blade
5)Diamond segment

All of the listed products can be applied to grinding,cutting various hard stone such as marble,granite,concrete,gem,agate,crystal,etc.
Consequently,we make a new and great march in quality control compared with before.

We are equipped with advanced technology,and have a keen-witted and capable R&D team specializing in developing new products.98% of our products are exported to Europe,America,Southeast Asia,and enjoyed good reputation on the international market.

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